29-10-2013 14:33:49
slave nick
I cannot fully express how exciting it is to be under the domination of Mistress Linda. Each visit to my Mistress seems more memorable than the last. Especially, because of the extreme enjoyment of surrender to this Goddess/bitch, I try ever more to please her and doing so has its wonderful rewards. I am enslaved.
21-11-2013 11:13:19
slave nick
Mistress Linda received me into her new central London dungeon. Naked, kneeling before her, it is terrifying to describe the instruments of pain and accessories for immobilisation that she had at her disposal. I obeyed the Mistress\'s instructions and underwent a journey that for all its pain ended ultimately in exquisite magical ecstasy. This explains why Mistress Linda is worshipped as a Goddess.
07-10-2015 14:10:54
Compliments to my fellow Domme. Regards, Mrs.Illucia, co-owner of Studio House of Submission
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