16-07-2010 00:03:56
you are a dream of every slave. a slave from greece
15-07-2012 13:26:23
LINDA is the best Straponfucker!
01-01-2013 21:53:03
sissy stefania
19-05-2013 02:41:52
Mistress Linda is a fantastic dom. Strict, severe, determined, focused, and FOR REAL! Bulgaria\'s loss is UK\'s gain.
20-06-2013 11:48:55
Mistress Linda is very experienced, confident, determined and demanding. She has the gift of knowing how to match a slave\'s needs with her requirements. In my sessions with her she has been gradually but forcefully training me to behave appropriately in her presence. Her caning and whipping skills are superb and she is very beautiful into the bargain.
20-07-2013 12:45:11
I visited Mistress Linda for the first time, earlier this week. When she opened the door, I was welcomed by a lovely warm smile. Mistress Linda is friendly, talkative and willingly discussed my fantasy which is caning. We then moved on to the session. And my word! What sensational strokes! They seemed effortless, but they really stung. It was enough for me. But she kept probing my limits and suggested I took more. I finally said \"No\". At the end, I thanked her. She was wonderful and a gem. I would add that her fees are reasonable and that she is well worth a visit. I\'m planning another visit as soon as my marks have gone!
18-09-2013 18:16:35
Mistress knows her way around an ass, a sublime experience. She also knows how to use a strapon and catheter, and also demands a lot of pussy and ass worship. I want an advanced humiliation and domination session next time. Superb and thank you.
01-10-2013 22:45:12
Mistress Linda is highly skilled and is both erotic while taking control and making the whole experience very exciting. Magnificent.
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