25-03-2009 19:54:54
Very nice!
20-04-2009 18:35:36
I have been trying to find a lady into CBT,willing to milk the penis til given several dry milkings,and everytime miss,it is NO!!!!!
19-06-2009 09:57:49
i think u are a pretty tough domantraix
12-08-2009 02:18:08
Mistress Linda is the sort of woman who i think about when i masturbate. And i love leg, ass worship, french kissing it and rimming. Being completely humiliated and degraded and introduced to the kiss of the whip by Mistress Linda scares me, but excites me very much. Naked on my hands and knees, flexibleboy
08-10-2009 02:57:45
Mistress Linda is my dream
27-10-2009 23:03:36
dexter morgan
dark fantasies beyond human grasp, fascinating, burning like fire, try it - there will be no way back
21-04-2010 20:33:16
Very nice web site. You are a Mistress that knows how to train a slave.
09-05-2010 11:54:47
Great ! Hope, there excist more femdom in bulgaria !
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